Try this personal challenge out!

After you exit a relationship, think back to these 4 stages.

  • When you first met (the honeymoon)
  • When you start getting tired of his bullshit
  • Finally !!! The break up
  • The light at the end of the tunnel aka becoming FABULOUSLY SINGLE!!

I was flipping through pictures and noticed the difference in myself. Whoa! It’s amazing how the pictures defined those 4 stages so well. So I made a pic collage to share with you And the challenge I present is for you to do the same. This simple challenge will have you feeling confident and invigorated! And for those who are still in the transitioning faze snap a selfie and keep recording your progress! You’ll be glad you did 💋


  1. The beginning
  2. After I fell in “love” and I quickly realized it was all a dream (in my biggie voice)
  3. I ate my feelings after I officially left him
  4. My AHA moment came and I snapped back to reality. My life is way too fabulous and I’m loving every moment of it! #miami#minivaca which FYI I followed my own advice, I did tip #4 (3 post before this)..

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