Breakup songs(diverse)

Relationship advice

I’m all for music therapy and yes it’s ok to cry however not all break ups have to end in tears, so here’s a few songs that will put the pep back into your step ( in no particular order). 

1. Hit Em up style- Blu Cantrell 

2. Heard it all before- sunshine Anderson 

3. Before he cheats- Carrie Underwood 

4. I will survive – Gloria Gaynor 

5. Best thing I never had-Beyoncé 

6. Since you’ve been gone- Kelly Clarkson  

7. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift 

8. It’s not right but it’s ok- Whitney Houston 

9. I should’ve cheated- Keyshia Cole

10. When a woman’s fed up- R. Kelly

11. Ese hombre- la India ( for my Latinas) and if anyone would like to translate the lyrics they’re very powerful 

12. Take a bow- Rihanna 

13. Shake it off- Mariah Carey 

14. You don’t own me- Lesley Gore 

15. Fighter- Christina Aguilera 

Those are just to name a few if anyone has any others please feel free to send them my way..  I think this list is pretty diverse and should appeal to all different types of personalities 😉


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