How to get over a breakup:Fabulously Single tip #3


Our Fabulously Single tip of the day is……… 

Be better not bitter. Someone said that today and although I’ve heard it a trillion times before the fact that it came from a mans mouth just filled my body with excitement!!!(cough um in a total non sexual way) we always scream we don’t know what men want but in this day and age I’d say they’re pretty damn vocal. Yes just because we might not get the love in return after we give them the world on a silver platter it doesn’t mean SHIT. He said it best be better not bitter. So if and when you’re going through that heartbreak and you’re filled with resentment because he lied, sold you dreams, emptied your bank account and cheated on you with a stripper. (Enter confused face and awkward moment of silence here) Unless the last two parts are just a snipet from my past then please carry on reading. Be better. Be the person you’ve always dreamed of being let your trauma be a motivator in life. Don’t let his deceit and thievery define you..  You are the BOMB.. Umm yes I said it I don’t care if  WE ARE NOT in the 90’s!! Look at yourself in the mirror and remember who you are and don’t let anyone have the power over your life.. 

Song of the day:  I will survive- Gloria Gaynor

Movie of the day: The first wives club 


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