The top Reason NOT to take a cheating man back!

Getting over a break up
  1. Your peace of FUCKING Mind

If you can’t think of anything else then think of this. You can love him, have children, have faith he’ll change. But if you haven’t truly forgiven him and so obviously don’t trust him let him go! Why? 

Because no matter what you are going to drive yourself insane trying to out smart him or constantly trying to see what he’s doing and with who. He can literally be home alone and just happen to forget his phone when he went to the bathroom, and your ass is trying to figure out the fastest way home to see if you catch him. 

If you’re constantly trying to play Ace Ventura pet detective on his Dog ass leave that man alone! You’ll be devastated yes. You’ll go through all the emotions that you’re allowed to go through,but if nothing else , know that you’ll one day have your sanity back. It’s easier said than done I know I’ve been there. But the moment I realized he was consuming my every thought and not in a good way I knew no matter what it was time to let go. 

You gotta look out for you💋

P.S there’s not a #2 on this list…..Why? You’ve probably already googled reasons or thought about them yourself. But this rule is one that is the most important! You can make excuses to justify almost anything, except not having peace of mind.


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