Being Single

Getting over a break up

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The world Of Jodie

My brain is constantly telling me to enter into a relationship, but am I ready?

Fun Fact: People usually want to be in relationship because that’s the type of atmosphere they’re always around.


It’s hard to believe that being single IS A BLESSING!
  • You don’t have to get up early in the mornings to care for a baby or the slamming of doors.
  • You’re able to enjoy life, e.g. not having to take care for your significant other and yourself.

Why most people get into relationships

Want a partner to benefit them:
Boyfriends/girlfriends are able to benefit that persons feelings e.g. Sammi is a very positive influence and she is dating Peter. Peter gets very depressed fairly easily, however Peter has Sammi to comfort him whenever he’s down. The feelings you’re missing are hoped to be complete with that right influence by your side.

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