Single shaming.. And yes this is a real thing!

Getting over a break up, Singlelife

You’re too picky, your standards are too high, you’ll end up being a cat lady.. Sound familar? This is the bullshit you hear from people

SINGLE SHAMING! That’s right, yep, I said it.

They try to make you feel bad for being “alone”. Well, screw them, but between us,  lets diffrenciate being picky and having standards!

Here are a few examples:

When You’re just being PICKY because:

1. He has ugly feet

2. His wardrobe sucks major ass

3. You’re not sure if he’s suicidal or gay based on his pandora list

4. He’s a country boy or City boy

5. He makes sounds when he eats

Having STANDARDS, which is perfectly okay, He must have:

1. A job

2. Similar views on having/raising children

3. Similar views on your future goals

4. Be YANKEE FAN!! (Technically this should be #1 or is that just me?)

5. Has similair family values

I was one of the pickiest people on earth. Until my mom told me how ridiculous it was to not date someone because we don’t like the same music or I don’t like how he dressed. Those things you can compromise on.

Maybe we can introduce eachother to new artists. And wardrobe? I can buy him things I’d like to see him in for Christmas and his birthday, plus, is his outfit important or is the fact that we are good together more important?

Standards you CANNOT compromise on! And don’t let anyone make you feel like you should. If you start dating someone who doesn’t want kids but you do or vice versa, you are wasting your time. Why? Cause right now it might not matter to you, but lets say you eventually get married. Imagine the strain that will have on the both of you. If you guys can’t agree on things that have a major impact on either of your lives then move on.

STANDARDS will eventually be the reason you break up or resent each other. No one breaks up because he listens to incubus and you’re into Drake, but people do break up because of finances, religious views, trust issues etc. Before you take it further than a few dates make sure you both are clear on deal breakers.

Wasted time is worst than wasted money. And you’ll avoid unnsessary heartbreak!



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