Getting Money The Fabulously Single Way💋

Single and Fabulous, Singlelife

I’m gonna keep this as real as I can. Money makes this world go round! It’s the reason people break up and it’s the reason they stay together. I’ve spoken to women from all walks of life most with kids and some without. And besides the everyday relationship issues that tear people apart, money was the gorilla glue keeping it together.
Why? Because unless you’re either well off or in a place where the cost of living is a smile and a wave. It is hard out here! I read somewhere that a woman and her husband were in the middle of a divorce but have decided that until they can both find better paying jobs, they would live together! I’ve been there (minus the divorce) and let me tell you I’d rather live in a pretty little cardboard box in Manhattan than live in the same house as my ex. 

Holy uncomfortable. Can I walk around in my underwear? Is that appropriate now? What if my new boy thing wants to come over? What if his lovaaa wants to come over? It’s a mess and it screws with all aspects of life. Your sense of normalcy is out the window. And you thought it was awkward living with your parents and having someone over?? How can you move on when your ex hasn’t moved out? 

Listen I wasn’t blessed with many talents and my love of carbs and sugar screwed up my fallback plan on becoming a stripper (clearly joking) but one thing I was blessed with was the ability to hustle! If ever I’m broke, it’s because I’ve managed money horribly. In my mid 20’s and a mother I’ve since shut the door to irresponsible spending.. Ok I lied I propped it open a little! Ok ok a lot, but don’t judge me.. 

I’ve been in that uncomfortable position of living with an ex because it’s just not affordable to live on your own.. And not everyone can just get up and move to a small town where the cost of living is low. I mean you can, but I’ve been there done that and uhhhhh nah I’ll pass on going down that route again. 

Anyway what I’m trying to say is to avoid ever being in a predicament where you feel you have to put up with his shit because your bank account is bullshit. Get your hustle on. Get creative . I have a daughter and I was a workaholic for years just to make sure my daughter never had to feel the pressure financially that other kids including myself felt from coming from a single parent home.

Unfortunately I paid the price of missing special moments. Now I stay home with her and I refuse to work an hour over what is scheduled. But for mothers like myself the options are still endless. Start you own carpooling gig, clean or organize apts for students or bachelors, edit papers, tutor, have a freakishly large amount of Instagram followers or FB friends? Talk to local small businesses that might not have the money to advertise with big companies and charge a small fee to put them on your platform for a month. Work out a deal with them, you can advertise on your car, on your social media, you can hand out flyers, have a certain expertise in something? Capitalize on it. Consulting brings in the chedda aka cha Ching!

If you don’t have any kids, your opportunities are no different except that you’ll have more time and energy to make even more money. Don’t limit yourself because of fear. We all have it. There will always be someone telling you “don’t do it”. But what’s worse is feeling like you can’t financially take care of yourself or feeling like you’re going to struggle to do so. 

After a break up you’re already emotionally drained, why does your bank account have to match?

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3 thoughts on “Getting Money The Fabulously Single Way💋

  1. Reblogged this on Jasmine's Blog and commented:
    As A single mother we all know how hard it is to support your child/children.. so what if there was a ‘Fabulous” way to get money and still be a happy independent women?


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