Thinking Back.

How to get over a break, Relationship advice, Single life

As I reflect on some of the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE decisions I’ve made in my dating life, I think back to how I’ve allowed my relationships to consume me.. The crying, not wanting to get out of bed, just living in complete misery. A lot of women go through this but I wonder why? What makes us go through these emotions. Is it our overwhelming love for that person? The fact that we’re now alone? The fear of the unknown? 

I was with this guy on and off for almost 2 years. We fought like cats and dogs, he cheated on me he was mentally and verbally abusive. He was just an all around LOSER! I don’t know if it was the fact that I didn’t want to be alone or the fact I wanted to prove everyone wrong but I stayed, I convinced myself that I loved him. 

Eventually like all things I got tired of his bullshit. Slowly but surely I began to distance myself from him. I started paying more attention to him as an overall person. I became instantly turned off, and of course he then began to profess his undying love for me. He started treating me the way he had when we first started dating. And yes stupid me tried to give him one last chance. It was when I found out he was getting high off of synthetic weed that I completely left him and never looked back (ain’t nobody got time for that)  

Ok so now the moral of this story is that I caught myself ALMOST going through the basic emotions. Except this time I sat and thought back to how he treated me. I was more mad at myself than anything. I was not about to make yet another mistake and cry or mope around for this asshole.. Then another thought came to me, how many of us really are devastated over a person who treated us like shit? Like have you really stopped to think about what you went through? Very rarely do you wake up and poof your relationship is over. It was most likely over before either of you decided to open your eyes and officially end it..

The fighting, cheating, abuse, these things had been taking place. Yes it might hurt because you “love” that person (because trust me that’s not love) but are you really as heartbroken as you’re convincing yourself you are? THINK ABOUT IT!! Have the same confidence in yourself and your future as Kanye has in himself and that ugly ass clothing line!


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