Spa Day Bitchesss!!💅🏽💅🏽

So if you’re going through a break up no matter what stage you’re in make a spa day!! Call your local spa and get a quote. If those prices are higher than your self esteem then rewind and make it a spa-Ouse day (a spa in your house lmao it made me laugh at the moment). Run a nice hot bubble bath and follow 👣👣 these steps Diy spa day..

Now obviously massaging yourself is out of the question so for me I went to target and spent $30 on my homedics back massager(which I’m seriously convinced is better than sex). I honestly can’t remember how much I spent on my foot massager but if you go to target , bed bath and beyond(always look for the 20% off coupon)Walmart, home goods you’ll definitely find one at a good price.. Here’s a few from
Don’t forget some candles, your favorite bottle of wine and some relaxing music or a book. I read he’s just not that into you. Now that you have the essentials dedicate a few hours to yourself and enjoy your spa day…


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