FABULOUSLY SINGLE TIP (crazy isn’t cute)

Our Fabulously Single tip of the day (drum roll pleaseeee):
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ACT CRAZY!!!!! Crazy isn’t cute.. Yes we’ve all seen certain romantic comedies and thought omg how romantic!! Ok well guess what it’s romantic because it’s a MOVIE! You know what’s not romantic? A restraining order and 30 hours of community service. I’m sure by now you’ve channeled Kelis(I hate you so much right now<< yup that’s her song) and thought about running him over, burning random shit, hacking his FB to see who he’s talking too and the list goes on… Trust me DON’T DO IT!! The objective is not to feed his ego.. Don’t ever let him know he can control you mood, actions and most importantly your freedom.. The tables will turn soon enough. I mean after all karma is a BITCH 😉

Song of the day: Mariah Carey- shake it off.

Movie of the day: He’s just not that into you.


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