About me!! 

Hey and thanks for visiting Fabulously Single!

You guys might have questions pertaining to what my blog is about or hmmm even my style of my writing..

Here’s a little info, I am not a writer….shocker right? I am a person who writes. To me there’s a difference.

I’m a twenty-something Latina originally from Jersey City, NJ. And as you will see, I have a lot to say.

I started Fabulously Single in 2012 after I was in an abusive relationship for 2 years. I was too scared to tell my family and when I turned to the internet I found that the majority of sites were either about being bitter or made you want to drown in your sorrows, not to mention the blogs on 12 ways to get him back..UHHHH WHO THE HELL SAID I WANTED HIS ASS BACK?? ( I didn’t want to see myself as a person who was abused so I was just googling “how to get over an ex” or things related to that).

I couldn’t find anything that I could relate to or anything that encouraged me to have fun and just live life to the fullest!!! And since that little online search journey didn’t work out so well, I woke up one day in a strangely good mood and looked in the mirror.. Instantly I told myself that this man will not occupy space in my mind!!! I hit the gym, dyed my hair and vowed that if ever I was heart broken again I would NOT be this depressed person who can’t get out of bed!!!

And that is the moment Fabulously Single Inc was born!! Before my blog, FB and Instagram I was selling Fabulously Single t-shirts and shot glasses. I also Party Planned a few Fabulous Divorce bashes. Side note: Those shits were cah-razy fun!!

I was amazed at how quick it started to pick up, seeing as how I didn’t have it online it was spreading just by word of mouth.

Unfortunately shortly after I started, my little brother passed away(R.l.P Tyler❤) and I dropped everything, even Fabulously Single.

I eventually ended up working for my local cable company before I started working at family’s restaurant. I then started a concierge service business. I made amazing money every step of the way but was always unhappy.

I missed working on Fabulously Single. I missed the people, the vibe, just everything about it. So I logged into my FS email and there were a few from past clients. I felt like it was a sign so I decided to quit my job and turn all my focus on FS, and I am so glad I did.

I’ve met some amazing women and heard even better stories. I decided to start a blog and revamp the whole brand. If you have any feedback, feel free to share.

I love love LOVE what I do! Soooo, welcome to my world. And because nothing in it is perfect, my life’s motto is to:

Be Better NOT Bitter!

With much love and sass,



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