FABULOUSLY SINGLE TIP(affordable vaca)

 After a break up 9xs out of 10 I just wanted to get away.. ✈️✈️ Now you’re probably trying to gather the pieces of your life together, but after you put all your ducks in a row you deserve a vacation. For those with children we’re just going to assume that they are well behaved and someone actually wants to babysit💁🏻. If they’re not, well just guilt trip someone into taking care of your bad ass kids!😂😂 You need this vaca! You’re a mom not a machine. You deserve to get your thoughts together without traumatizing your kid with your ugly cry!!! Gather your close friends (once again I’m assuming.. If you’re an evil bitch and don’t have friends then tell people you saw Under The Tuscan Sun and you’re gonna try the whole travel alone thing)… The way your average persons bank account is set up there isn’t a “I’m devastated and I just need to get away fund”(If you do then um well I just don’t have any words). So here’s a few ways to get your money up💸💸💸

  • Get all the shit he’s gifted you through the the relationship. Now sell it!!!! 
  • Make a day out of it. Have a Newly Single yard sale. 
  • Play music have some margaritas, Be creative!

Look around the house , there’s probably a lot of shit you don’t use and clearly don’t need. Sell it!!!

If you don’t have the time for the yard sale just post the stuff on eBay. *side note* try to stay clear of Craigslist.

Cut some cost.. No eating out, try cutting a coupon or two..

Now the beauty of all this is that you’ll be so consumed with planning this trip that you won’t actually have time to think about the break up.. Also the travel industry is amazing for last minute deals. This works out perfect because you don’t usually ask for notice a year before your break up so you can catch a good discount for your vacation. 💁🏻💁🏻don’t forget to check out

  This pic is from my recent trip to Miami!

  • Travelocity
  • Hotwire
  • Cheapcarribean.com
  • Jet blue getaways
  • Fueleconomy.gov (if you’re driving this gives you an estimate on gas)
  • Trip advisor
  • Travelzoo.com
  • Orbitz.com
  • Kayak.com
  • Hotels.com



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